The Video Production Workshop
(Kids & Teens) (9-17yo)

Handheld Camera

the workshop

This workshop is a 5 Day workshop which allows the students to learn,

  • Storyboarding,

  • Team work,

  • Videoing techniques (baisc),,

  • Camera Angles,

  • Video editing using iMovie


Students has a deeper understanding of the process of Video producing, using still pictures or videos to create story telling based on theme given.

The 2 hours training courses are rich and interesting. Students are to be a photographer, story-teller, video editor. They will be given a laptop and be taught on how to use iMovie video editor during the workshop.

Day 1 : Introduction to Story-telling into Video Production
Day 2 : Choosing a Topic and research
       - grouping (2 to a group)
       - data research
       - Simple Story boarding
Day 3 : Video Shoot for self presentation (2 a group)
Day 4 : Video Editing skills (using iMovie)
Day 5 : Video Final Touch up and rendering

By the end of the course, you would receive a certificate


Image by Alexander Shatov

Benefits of learning video producing

When teachers implement student-created videos effectively, they help students stay connected to their world and promote motivation, acquisition of content knowledge, critical-thinking skills, and multimodal literacy.