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Little Actors Drama Acting Course (4-6yrs)


An introductory course (taught in Mandarin) that prepares the little ones from 4-6 years old in the form of building self-confidence, speech as well as opens up Kids' shyness and expressive nature through drama fun activities.:

这个课程 (以华语教学) 是为4-6岁小学员所设计。通过戏剧有趣的活动,帮助 4-6 岁的小孩子建立自信、说话以及打开孩子的害羞性格和表达天性。



*Course Summary*
Children aged 4-6 are in a state of being fully open to the world, curious about new things, imitating, imagining, and talking...
This course will focus on "cultivating and stimulating" children's "imagination" is an important goal of the course.

Under the guidance of the teacher, children will use drama methods such as "children's songs", "drama games", "role playing", and "best practice" to help children discover, explore, and recognize themselves and the world, and enrich themselves in pleasant and fun stories. In the dramatic scene, enhance imagination, creativity and self-confidence, cultivate expression skills, empathy and awareness of rules as well as Chinese Language.

*Course objectives*
1. Through the drama learning environment, liberate children's nature in drama games and performances, accept the new environment and quickly establish language thinking.
2. Through drama games, body rhythm changes, open children's imagination and cultivate children's concentration, understand their own body and learn to express with body language (swing, stop, forward, etc.).
3. Learn and establish behavioral rules in drama performance and play, learn how to socialize, and basic communication skills, such as sharing and compromising.
4. Learn the basic skills of acting and the basic expression of language, learn and understand what a "role" is.
5. The class is conducted every once per week, and will be taught by Chen Bi Feng (陈碧凤)and Abigail.
6. By the end of the course, you would receive a certificate, photoshoot and showreels done for your portfolio.


​Course Details 课程内容

  • Linguistic skills 语言能力

  • Imagination 幻想能力

  • Speech expression 语言表达能力 

  • Drama introduction 戏剧创作

  • Narration 个人描述

  • Course Module includes,

  • Introduction to drama (basic improvisation) 基础即兴表演

  • Story telling 故事描述

  • Speech progression 语言表达能力训练

  • Puppetry 木偶艺术

  • Poetry 诗歌朗诵艺术

  • Character impersonation 角色模仿

  • Basic Han Yu Pin Yin 基础汉语拼音

  • Character playing 角色扮演

  • Drama with music 戏剧配乐

  • Audition skills 试镜训练

  • Video production filming 短片制作

Course Details 课程表

  • Age : 4-6 yrs

  • Activities: Speech Art

  • Available Seats : 8-10 per class

  • Course Type : Mandarin

  • No. of lessons : 12 lessons

  • Price: S$550 per course

  • Course Duration: 3 months


  • 年龄 : 4-6 岁

  • 课程活动 : 言语艺术

  • 班数 : 8-10 人一班  

  • 课程语言 : 华语

  • 堂次 : 12堂课 

  • 学费: S$550 净价(早鸟优惠后)

  • 课程时间:3个月

Kids Acting Course 小豆豆演艺班 (4-6yrs)

语言 Language : (Chinese)

课数 No. of Lessons : 12 (once per week)

人数 No. of Pax : 8-10 kids

学费 Fee ​:  $550 nett per course of 12 lesson* 

                  (Usual Price : S$750 less $200 Training Grant​)

(Course duration is 3 months)

(2 to join gets $50 discount per person per course)

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