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Colorful Indoor Playground

The Story Telling Workshop

​4 to 6 years old

A 3 days, 1 hour workshop entails with comic drawings, characterisation, classroom engagements and participations for the 4 to 6 years old little ones.

This workshop encourages the little ones to speak up and express themselves with lessons funfilled with story telling in comicdic way.

Kids are able to express themselves through comic drawings and activities in class.

This workshop comes either in Mandarin or English.

Lesson layout

Lesson 1 - Introduction and Charactersbuilding

Lesson 2 - Comic Story telling

Lesson 3 - You tell a story

                    (Trainer will assist them to do a solo presentation at the end)

Upon completion,

1. Certificate of completion will be given.

2. A short simple video of their solo performance will be given.

PS : Parents are not allowed to sit in during class in progress. 

Fee Price

Duration  : 3 days of 60mins each day

Fee           :  S$200 (two to join enjoys $50 discount)

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Mondays to Thursday 12pm-5pm



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