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Terms and Conditions


  1. There will not be any further arrangement if you don't show up on the arranged makeup class.

  2. Please note that the lesson makeup is based on good will and it’s not subject to any offsetting of fees if you did not attend the lesson missed, which was stated in the registration that, “strictly no refund of fees when class has started”.

  3. Makeup lessons are only applicable for students with valid reasons (Unwell with Medical Certificate or Work/school related reasons)

  4. Other reasons will be subjected to approval

  5. A maximum of 3 makeup classes per course are granted.

  6. Submit the form for approval and arrangements. 

  7. Once makeup lesson is arranged, you are allowed to change one time on the date for makeup lesson. 

  8. Make up lesson is to join another new class with the same lesson(s) missed.

  9. We seek your understanding on the lead time for us to arrange the makeup lessons, appreciate you could give us some time to make arrangements.

  10. Make up Lessons priority will go to those with medical certificate or work/school related issues (document proof is required). 

  11. For other reasons of absence, we will try our best to arrange at the soonest.

  12. We will also be sending an email invitation on google calendar and appreciate you will accept the invitation for confirmation of the makeup lesson.


1. 如果您没有出席安排的补课,我们将不会有任何再进一步的安排。

2. 请注意,补课是善意补课,未能参加补课,报名时已注明“开课后一律不退费”。

3. 补课程仅适用于有正当理由(身体不适并有医疗证明或工作/学校相关原因)

4. 其他原因需经批准

5. 每个课程最多可获授 3 堂补课。

6. 其他原因请提交表格以供批准。

7. 一旦安排了补课,您可以更改日期一次。

8. 补课是加入另一个新班级的相同课程和课目。

9. 我们请您谅解我们需要些时间安排化妆课程,感谢您能给我们时间安排。

10. 补课优先考虑那些有医疗证明或工作/学校相关问题而缺课的学生。


11. 其他原因请假,我们会尽量尽快安排。

12. 我们还将在谷歌日历上发送电子邮件邀请,感谢您接受邀请以确认补课日期安排。



Make Up Lessons Form 补课申请表格

Upload MC or documents (if any)上载文件(如有)

Upload File
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