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The Vocal Singing Clan! 歌唱俱乐部

This  course is openfor category age 18 and above. It focuses on singing techniques.


Taught by experience vocal trainer, CAROLLYNE TONG 唐嘉璐.

It covers over 12 lessons with 1.5hrs each lesson.

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The Trainer 导师 - CAROLLYNE TONG 唐嘉璐


Carollyne Tong is a talented singer who achieved a lot of success in singing competitions.  In 2004, she won the championship in the nationwide school alumni karaoke competition held at Kallang Theatre.  

Carollyne was a People’s Association vocal trainer from 2009 to 2017 and has also taught at various singing schools.  In addition to her teaching career, she is also a recording artiste. She helped to inspire and train many aspiring singers through her teaching program which places a strong emphasis on singing techniques.  

Her experience has led her to become a respectable judge for singing competitions.  One of her milestone is achieving the qualification of a WSQ ACLP trainer. 




她的经历使她成为受人尊敬的歌唱比赛评委。她的里程碑之一是获得了WSQ ACLP 培训师的资格。


1. Mouth shape, voice projection, breathing techniques & control 口型, 发声, 换气与气息支持

2.  Hanyu Pinyin and articulation 汉语拼音, 咬字

3. Basic vocal skills 基本歌唱功法

4. Pitch and interval training 音准音程训练

5. Vocal techniques 歌唱的技巧

6 & 7. Learn to sing a song well 学唱好歌曲

8.  Learn unique style, showmanship & dressing 学独特的台风, 台型 与 服装

9 & 10.  Students‘ own song for training 学唱好自己选的歌曲

11. Song recording rehearsal歌曲录音彩排

12. Song recording歌曲录音


Once a week, 1.5hrs (weekdays afternoons or night

每周一次,1.5 小时(工作日下午或晚上)

FEE 学费


*Usual Price* : $1000 per course

*Discounted Price* : $500 (50% discount from original price)

*(cannot use skills future credit)

*(不能用skills future)*


*2 to join gets $50 discount for each pax registers*

​*ex-zoomer less additional $50 discount*


*LIMITED TO ONLY 8 pax per class*

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