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Teens Acting Course (13-17yo)

(available either in English or Chinese)


No worries! Learn the craft and techniques with professional training!


This course, not only allows one to have an opportunity to be cast for roles in TV Dramas and advertisements, it also enriches you personally.

*Course summary*

  • The professional screen acting training course is to prepare students with "performance hobby" and "performance ability" for the screen.

  • According to testimonials of past students, they experienced a change (for the better of course!) in themselves after merely 3 lessons. Quiet, shy, difficult to nail down auditions or getting into characters, students have also improved! Many of our students have been taking up acting roles since graduating from the course.

  • It is divided into two professional terms : the language and acting department and the grooming and production department.

  • Drama education develops and cultivates teen's independent thinking ability, creativity and imagination, build self-confidence and empathy, expand international horizons, improve public speaking skills, improve in Chinese Language and enhance communication and teamwork.

  • Acting Department-Drama Basic Class, with creative drama education courses as the core, focusing on basic professional training of "performance skills", aiming at guiding role-playing, basic mime exploration, and improving speech skills to stimulate Teen’s creative thinking and expression skills And expressiveness as well as Chinese Language Proficiency.

*Course objectives*
Through drama games, pantomimes, impromptu performances and other drama scripts (Chinese), let students
release their nature and begin to understand "drama" and "performance" at the same time to stimulate their desire for expression.

2. Pronunciation training, scenario/story creation, scripts and prose links, and at the same time enhance children's language expression and creativity.

3. Fragment performance of classic dramas, giving students a real first experience of performance, and a deeper understanding of the meaning of performance and the shaping of roles in the scripts given.

4. Challenge the professional screen acting performance of the repertoire. While enjoying the performance, they will stimulate their unlimited potential and enhance their self-confidence and performance in terms of acting with Chinese Language.

5. The class is conducted every once per week, and will be taught by multiple trainers, Chen Bi Feng, Li Wen Hai, Abigail Chay, Priscelia Chan, CKay Lim, Ho Ai Ling and Chong Bee Bee . This course is an intensive program

which strong focuses on the art of acting.

By the end of the course, you would receive a certificate, photoshoot and 2 showreels done for your portfolio.

Acting Class student’s acting showreel will be emailed to local TV station, Mediacorp Chinese drama division to be one of their Part-time Freelance Actor at the end of the course.

There will also be a marketing lesson to teach the trainees on how to create their acting platforms for acting jobs with the production companies in the industry.


*During the course

As Zoom Academy is currently one of the casting agent with the TV Station and also production houses, should there's any opportunities arises for roles in drama, we will arrange the students to participate in the said drama by the TV station or Production houses. (no guarantee)


*Towards the end of the course,

Students will be arranged and brought to the TV Station, chinese drama division for a one-to-one audition with the casting department. This will be the beginning of each individual acting career depending on the grades they are given by the casting executives from the TV station.



TRAINING topics includes,

# Improvisation  即兴表演

# Methods of Acting 演绎技巧

# Characterisation 角色分析,

# Emotion Intelligence 情绪训练 

# Drama Script Practice

# Acting with Our Senses  五官演绎, The Art of Concentration 演绎集中心

# The Art of Giving and Receiving 演员的给戏和接戏技巧

# 汉语拼音, 声音掌控和語言训练

# Drama Practice 1 戏剧稿 1

# Drama Practice 2 戏剧稿 2

# Drama Performance Review 喜剧表演评论

# Chinese Reading Skills 华文阅读技巧

# Camera Blockings 镜头感/排位, Video Audition Training 

# Casting Training, Audition Skills

# Audition Tips, Market Yourself as an actor into the industry, 

# Profile Photoshoot 个人编辑录像 & 

# Final Character shoot


Once per week, weekday evening or weekend, 1.5 hours



  • Once a week, 1.5hrs per lessons (total 12 Lessons)

  • English or Chinese Language

  • Saturdays or Sundays

  • Fee :

  • Usual Price : S$850 less $200 Training Grant

  • AFTER DISCOUNT : *$650 nett per course of 12 lesson*

Max 12 pax 

End of the course, you will get,

1. Certificate of Completion with all trainers' names
2. Edited Video Show Reel of your monologue & Short Film
3. Skills preparation to castings and auditions.

4. Auditions skills.


6. FREE profile photo shoot!

Need more information? Chat with us or call us at 81131708

青年专科演员职场训练班 (青年)






















* 提早报名并全额付款获折扣! 


01. 拥有所有导师亲笔签名证书,
02. 个人编辑录像,
03. 技能准备和试镜,
04. 介绍工作信息,试镜 和机会。





Teens Acting Course 青年演员训练班 (13-17yrs)

  • Once a week, 1.5hrs per lessons (total 12 Lessons)

  • English or Chinese Language

  • Saturdays or Sundays

  • Fee :

  • Usual Price : S$850 less $200 Training Grant

  • AFTER DISCOUNT : *$650 nett per course of 12 lesson*

(Course duration is 3 months)

(2 to join gets $50 discount per person per course)

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