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​Teens Holiday Acting Camp (13-17yo) 青年假期演艺班

The class is conducted for 5 days (Bilingual)。. 


By the end of the course, you would receive a certificate and they can continue the weekly full course if they are keen.


Seats are limited so do register your slot soon if you are interested. Our classes are limit to 8-10 pax per class, as we focuses on attentive teaching. So our students could have an equal amount of attentions and could perform better.

The class is conducted for 5 days, and will be taught by multiple trainers, Chen Bi Feng, Li Wen Hai, Ann Kok, Abigail Chay, Priscelia Chan, and CKay Lim. This camp strongly focuses on the art of acting and language, as well as how to become an actor. It also focuses on deeper levels of acting in front of cameras and helps the students to have a better understanding of self-expressions, movements, vocal speech as well as imagination.

Lessons include,

  • Drama Introduction 戏剧介绍

  • What is script and characters 什么是脚本和角色

  • Scripting boot camp +props+costumes 脚本训练营+道具+服装

  • Acting performance rehearsals 演艺排练

  • Video shoot (acting performance) 视频拍摄(表演)

Need more information? Chat with us! 需要更多信息?按 “Let's Chat!”。

Teens Holiday Acting Camp 青年假期戏剧训练营 (13-17yrs)

语言 Language : (Bilingual)

课数 No. of Lessons : 5 of 1.5hrs each lesson

人数 No. of Pax : Max 12 students

学费 Fee ​: $350 per 5 days camp

(Course duration is 5 weekdays)

(2 to join gets EXTRA $50 discount per person)

Duration :  Monday - Friday 

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