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Teens Hosting Camp 青年主持人训练营

Holiday Class 假期班

This holiday camp is set up to provide training sessions for  hosts the chance to practice what you have learnt in class to the front of the camera and to event shows.


Expression is becoming more and more important in today's society. Good eloquence not only gives children confidence in their speech, but also cultivates a sunny, elegant and generous temperament. Our eloquence course has been optimised and refined to become more interesting and effective, which will definitely allow the "little" students feel more rewarding after learning and gain experience.


These are some reasons to attend the teens hosting programme. Classes are taught in small groups of 8 learners and the teacher creates a happy learning environment based on the characteristics of the teen's personality, creating a strong atmosphere of play, and make them fall in love with hosting. 


1. The classroom is the stage, and the skills of rehearsal, display, writing, interview and filming and editing are all displayed. 


2. Two team of teachers with professional training experiences. The senior expert group directly participates in the course design. The lecturers of the class, CKay Lim, Chen Bifeng and Li Wenhai will take the lead and the authoritative professors, experts and celebrity consultants will set up the most professional eloquence training camp. 


3. Professional textual research. In the training class, students will learn knowledge and skillsets such as interview skills and reporter/host workflow. Students will also learn about the performance/interview process including recording, writing, video editing, face-to-face communication with interviewees, etc. Everyone will get a deeper understanding of the interview guidelines, terms and preparations.


The teacher's in-depth explanations with lively and diverse teaching methods bring students a unique classroom experience.


Participating students last year:

"The little host training is very interesting! This course has taught me a lot!" 


- Introduction to Hosting 

- Hosting skills techniques 

- Presenter’s Script Writing


Seats are limited so do register your slot soon if you are interested. Our classes are limited to 8-10 pax per class, as we focus on attentive teaching. So our students could have an equal amount of attention and could perform better.



  • Introduction to Public Speaking/Hosting

  • Choosing a Topic and research

- grouping

- data research

  • Simple Script Generating

  • Rehearsal for group presentation

  • Video Shoot for self presentation (2-3 a group)

Need more information? Chat with us! 需要更多信息?按 “Let's Chat!”。

Teens Holiday Hosting Camp 青年主持人假期训练营 (13-17yrs)

语言 Language : (English or Chinese)

课数 No. of Lessons : 5 of 1.5hrs each lesson

人数 No. of Pax : Max 12 students

Fee :* 

*PAY ONLY $350 nett for the whole camp *

(Course duration is 5 weekdays)

(2 to join gets $50 discount per person)

Duration :  Monday - Friday 

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