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Confirmation & Payment

Hi 👋,


Thank you for your registration. Please do make 50% fee deposit payment to complete your course registration.


“The Host's  Journal (主持人的日记)

AGE : 18 years old and above)

Duration : 4 Lessons

Fee :
USUAL Price  : $400
*ZOOMER's Price : $300*
($550-$50-$50) = $400
Less $50 (Zoomer’s Discount)
Less $50 (pairing discount)

Payment method :

PAYNOW UEN : 201405186C  (QR code attached)
pls indicate: Name, Date & Time of Class in reference
Please take a pic of the transaction  and upload on this page to complete the registration process.

(We can issue you official receipt)















  • After submission, we will send you an official receipt and confirmation.

  • Feel free to contact me at 81131708 if you have any enquiries and I can be able to explain much more clearer to you on the course over the phone.

  • PS: LIKE our Zoom Academy Facebook Page to get latest FILMiNG activity updates.

Thank you🙏
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Zoom Group Private Limited

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Upload bank transaction screenshot 上载银行转账截图

Upload File

Please do fill in correct name and phone number for us to prepare receipt. 请务必填写正确的姓名和电话号码,以便我们准备收据

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