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The Video Production Workshop
(Kids & Teens) (9-17yo)

Handheld Camera

the workshop

This workshop is a 5 Day workshop which allows the students to learn,

  • Storyboarding,

  • Team work,

  • Videoing techniques (baisc),,

  • Camera Angles,

  • Video editing using iMovie


Students has a deeper understanding of the process of Video producing, using still pictures or videos to create story telling based on theme given.

The 1.5
 hours training courses are rich and interesting. Students are to be a photographer, story-teller, video editor. They will be given a laptop and be taught on how to use iMovie video editor during the workshop.

Day 1 : Introduction to Story-telling into Video Production
Day 2 : Choosing a Topic and research
       - grouping (2 to a group)
       - data research
       - Simple Story boarding
Day 3 : Video Shoot for self presentation (2 a group)
Day 4 : Video Editing skills (using iMovie)
Day 5 : Video Final Touch up and rendering

By the end of the course, you would receive a certificate

”The Video Production Workshop” 9-12yo & 13-16yrs

Lesson Language : English 

No. Of Lesson : 5 Lessons x 1.5hrs per lesson

人数 No. of Pax : Max 12 kids

学费 Fee :* 

*PAY ONLY $350 nett for the whole camp *

*2 or more to join will each get additional $50 discount per course.*

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