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The Actor's Journal


A Higher Learning on Screen Acting

This 4 week short course enhance higher learning with veteran and well known Producer/Director Huang Guang Rong, who was also the producer and director of the recent China-Singapore collaboration on ”Little Nonya 小娘惹“.

*Course Summary*
1. This professional training course is to prepare students with “higher performance level” and "performance ability".
2. It is into 4 professional lessons that develop and cultivate deeper script and character’s analysis, thinking ability, creativity and imagination, build self-confidence and empathy, expand individual’s acting horizons, enhance higher acting skills, and actor’s communication and teamwork.
3. Performance Department-Drama Advanced Class, with “actor’s education" and “from “Director’s POV as the core, will focus on professional actor’s performance skills such as acting skills, scripting, improvisation, etc., and continuously improve creativity, expressiveness, role modeling,
4. The ability of line expression and public speaking is to prepare for the advanced drama class.

*Course objectives*
1. Learn professional performance vocabulary, pronunciation skills, improve delivery of lines, shape and expression.
2. Through diversified role imitation and creation, improve your perception and physical expression which enhance performance and creative ability.
3. Through professional lines and script performances, you can complete difficult lines and character creation challenges, and independently perform long-term act performances to strengthen actor’s self-confidence on set in performance.


1. The Actor‘s Journal (演员的笔记) - 演绎技巧(1) (著名监制/导演执导) - 黄光荣
2. The Actor‘s Journal (演员的笔记) - 演绎技巧(2) (著名监制/导演执导) - 黄光荣
3. The Actor‘s Journal (演员的笔记) - 演绎技巧(3) (著名监制/导演执导) - 黄光荣
4. The Actor‘s Journal (演员的笔记) - 演绎技巧(4) (著名监制/导演执导) - 黄光荣





  • 4 lessons Once a week

  • 1.5 to 2 hrs

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